Making IT Fun

For over 15 years, 2Simple Software has had one goal in mind: making simple, powerful and creative educational software. With our range of teacher resources and educational software for kids, we believe we have achieved that goal; and then some. Our portfolio of over 35 titles has achieved global acclaim with a hefty 40 awards under our belt. Most recently we walked away as the winner of the best ICT Leadership and Management Solution award for our ‘2Build a Profile’ software at Bett 2014.

IT Software for Children

In this technology driven world, it is of the utmost importance that we teach our kids computer and IT skills. Remember, this process need not be boring at all! With software such as our flagship app, Purple Mash, we have aimed to incorporate a hefty dose of fun into the teaching content. We are proud to offer an entertaining and enriching experience in the world of computers for kids.

Kids Educational Software South Africa

Computer literacy is foremost within our solutions, teaching valuable skills such as coding for kids and IT. To this end we have launched 2Code, an interactive tool aimed at teaching coding skills to kids; from logic, to algorithms, writing and debugging computer programs. These engaging tasks are open ended and the code is free. Kids can create animated stories and games; further driving them to learn even more once they see their awesome results.

2Simple Software is about unleashing children’s creativity as an invaluable learning tool. We specialise in educational software, computers for kids, teacher resources, IT for kids, creative software, animation and design. Our themed projects give focus to the activities. This focus allows the child to express their creativity on a variety of topics, from creative writing projects like short story writing newspaper style articles, to design projects. The best part is that these are tailor made for the South African audience, incorporating our rich culture and history.