2Build a Profile is our award winning app for Pre-school and Foundation Phase Educators. It saves hours of record keeping time by providing a simple and powerful way to log children's achievements against your Curriculum.

  • Writing in a wide range of formats
  • Designing and making 3D models
  • ​Programming instructions and algorithms
  • ​Compiling and interrogating databases
  • ​​Themed painting
  • Designing their own digital games
  • Creating animations and much more!

Capturing Observations
on the Move
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Purple Mash is our award winning website for Elementary school children. It is a creative space where children can apply and enhance their knowledge through:

2Simple Software are

thrilled to announce a

new addition : 2Code! 

This coding tool is

challenging and interactive

in order to get pupils

engaged and has many

helpful hints to keep difficult

concepts from becoming discouraging.

 Our developers purposely designed it  so we could include full lessons for different age groups and levels of ability – everything from logic and algorithms, to writing and debugging computer programs. On top of that, 2Code offers different Free Code modes of varying difficulty to encourage children to problem solve within a context. The Free Code can also be used entirely on its own to create games, animated stories and anything else your pupils can think of.

2Simple South Africa educational software for kids. 2simple South Africa Educational SoftwareWe create exciting, relevant, educational software for children. Simple , Powerful, Creative, Educational software. Providing online software, apps and more. 2simple south africa online teaching tools.

2simple south africa primary school educational software

2simple south africa educational software.

2Simple South Africa educational software for kids.

2Simple South Africa creative educational software

We have just released the CAPS Curriculum Grades R-3 on 2Build a Profile